Kinescha Therapy

Kinescha Therapy is a combination therapy devised by Madge and Danny with the view to realigning the structure of the body, clearing the aura and balancing the flow of energy through the chakra system.

Kinescha Therapy is based on some of the disciplines and principles of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine. The therapy is non-intrusive, and involves gentle touch and manipulation.

Remaining fully clothed, Kinescha Therapy is carried out mainly on a treatment bed and can also be delivered in a seated position.

The first part of the treatment involves re-aligning the physical structure of the body and the second part to clear the aura and rebalance the chakra system.

The treatment can take up to 1 hour and this will include feedback from the practitioner to the client.

Kinescha Therapy helps to bring harmony and healing to the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Cost    £34

Treatment   60 minutes